About Paradigm Dynamix Pty Ltd

Paradigm Dynamix was established in 2012 to better service the growing enterprise resource planning needs of the mining sector in Sub-Saharan-Africa. 

Since its inception, Paradigm Dynamix has always nurtured a culture of “shifting expectations” by focusing purely on client satisfaction and customer support. 

About Paradigm Dynamix

Fully serviced security system integration and system implementation solutions. Increased security system lifespan, managed total cost of ownership and maximized overall return on investment. 

With over 15 years of proven experience in the commercial, educational, mining, and residential sectors. Find out how Paradigm Dynamix can improve your security system effectiveness today.

Why Paradigm Dynamix?

People interacting with Paradigm Dynamix Access Control Daily
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Our Access control installations manage in excess of 7500 people per day without fail.

Cameras recording footage on a daily basis in South Africa
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Our commercial surveillance systems are recording daily footage on more than 700 cameras in South Africa alone.

Paradigm Dynamix is a multi-faceted company that offers our clients professional and honest products and services. Core to our success is our integrity when dealing with our customers, and as such we believe in nurturing relationships, and achieving common goals with our customers.

Paradigm Dynamix has a primary focus on IT related services, with Employee Attendance, Access Control, and Security solutions being at the forefront. Additionally, we offer dedicated specialist HR management, Payroll, and Materials Management applications. Paradigm Dynamix offers in-house or outsourced services for IT related solutions to suit our customer’s requirements. Additional products and services include personnel placement either on a permanent or contract basis (IT and non-IT related).

The management and operations team at Paradigm Dynamix have in excess of 70 years combined experience in the Time, Access, and Security arenas. We have a specific expertise in the mining and industrial sectors. Additionally, the our team has industry specific experience in the local personnel placement sphere.

whAT we are

What makes us different?

Service Delivery

Breakdowns happen. We're there when you need us. We've helped more than 300 unique customers address and rectify support queries, normally within less than 24-hours.

Technical Knowledge

Our team members are all highly qualified in their respective fields and receive system training on a regular basis. Our philosophy of continuous development can be seen in our quality of work and expansion of available services.

Absolute Integrity

By honoring every one of our commitments, we cultivate a philosophy of absolute commitment to integrity amongst our team members.

Cape Town - Western Cape

Our head-office and administration team are located in Cape Town, South Africa. Our services are available to the entire Western Cape region from this base.

Johannesburg - Gauteng

Paradigm Dynamix was originally established in Gauteng and this region is of utmost importance to our national growth strategy. Services are offered to Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North-west province, Limpopo, and the Free-State from this location.

Other regions

Our team have successfully completed projects in KwaZulu-Natal, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. Services are available in these regions for specific projects.

Where we are

Where we operate

Our Core Values

Long Term Partnerships

Our philosophy of forming long-term strategic partnerships with our clients is the foundation for our success.

Tangible Value

We work together with our clients to derive and add tangible economic value by increasing productivity, profitability, and over all security.

Continuous Improvement

We strive to continuously improve our service levels by exploiting economies of scale, implementing continuous improvement processes, introducing international best practices, and by the use of best-of-breed software.

Proudly Paradigm Dynamix Brands

You may have dealt with us before through a subsidiary brand. From February 2021, My Attendance and Akronos Technologies will trade using the Paradigm Dynamix brand.