Only the best intrusion prevention systems

Intrusion detection and intrusion prevention by Paradigm Dynamix

Distributed intrusion detection system services

Perimeter Intruder detection systems.

Intelligent perimeter defense systems. Paradigm Dynamix offers a holistic approach to outdoor perimeter security by employing the use of PIDS perimeter intrusion detection systems that detect intruders and reduce nuisance events. 

Home and commercial alarm solutions

Interior building intrusion detection system installations for facilities of any size and complexity. Install wired or wireless intruder alarm systems that are App managed and provide real-time instant notification of potential threats

Perimeter Electric Fencing Installations

The number one deterrent to criminals. Free-standing or wall top electric fence installations with fence mounted perimeter intrusion detection systems. A must-have element of an effective Perimeter intrusion prevention strategy.

Technology for intrusion detection system installations

Prevent and detect unauthorized access to safeguarded protected areas using multi-layered perimeter to core intrusion detected technology.

Radar perimeter intrusion detection

Radar detection is not dependent on visibility and does not respond to shadows, light, small animals, or insects. Detect the exact position of intruders at all time and integrates with PTZ cameras.

Intelligent intrusion detection sensors

The first line of defense for homes and businesses. Reliable intrusion detection with Intelligent passive infrared, microwave, and laser sensors which detect movement indoors and outdoors. 

Real-time visual intrusion verification

Over 90% of alarm activations are false. Verify the cause of alarm conditions with CCTV integration or with comprehensive integrated wireless alarm systems with visual verification. 

Perimeter point of intrusion detection

Mechanical vibration detection for fencing or wall-mount applications. Better response to alarm conditions with accurate identification of the exact point of intrusion on your perimeter.

Robust electric security fence systems

Reliable visual deterrent against burglaries, vandalism, and trespassing that signals an alarm when touched or broken. An easy means of achieving additional perimeter security.

Clear view perimeter mesh fencing

Aesthetically pleasing high security intrusion prevention solutions for facility perimeters of all sizes. Anti-cut and anti-climb fencing solutions with various finish options on offer.

The best intrusion detection and prevention systems

Scalable intrusion detection and prevention systems for any application requirement.

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