Smart Surveillance Solutions

Powerful, high-quality professional security camera installations for a variety of usage cases.

Professional Security Camera Installations

Paradigm Dynamix is an industry-leading security installation company with a dedicated focus on high-quality security camera installations. Our team has been providing commercial security camera installations for more than 15 years and has remained focused on quality, usability, and scalability. Just ask any of our loyal clients why.

Notable Customers

Security Camera Installation Offering

VSaaS (Video Security as a Service)

Fully fledged professional surveillance systems with no capital outlay. Local or cloud hosted surveillance system installations with complete control of total cost of ownership. Fixed fee monthly SLA that includes installation, maintenance, and support.

Intelligent Video Analytics

Utilize your security camera installation for more than retroactive recordings. Our game-changing intelligent video analytics solutions can be used to verify alarms, count people at events, recognize faces, or even provide for automatic license plate recognition.

Business CCTV Installations

Our business security camera installations act as a serious deterrent to criminals and anyone engaging in illegal activities. Keep records of staff activities, collect evidence of crime, or utilize our security camera installations to aid in your decision making process.

Perimeter Outdoor CCTV Installations

Protect crucial infrastructure, high-risk sites, commercial facilities, or residential perimeters. Paradigm Dynamix provides intelligent outdoor surveillance installation solutions with intelligent analytics that provide 24/7 protection of your perimeter. 

Thermal Camera Installations

A highly effective technology tool for advanced detection in adverse conditions. If you’re looking for a thermal imaging camera for perimeter protection, a thermal imaging camera for firefighting, or a thermal camera for fever detection. We can assist you.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Regular CCTV maintenance which will help ensure your security camera installation is functioning optimally, that recorded images are fit for purpose, and are of evidence quality. Maintenance frequency is determined by installation quality and age of system.

Advanced Security Camera and intelligent video analytics brands on offer

High-quality professional surveillance equipment for the most demanding security camera installation requirements.

Speak to us to find out more about how the latest video management technology can help you to detect, identify, verify, and act on critical events.