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Ajax Intruder Alarms

Wireless alarm system installations are changing.

The Paradigm Dynamix team has had extensive experience with both hardwired security system installations and wireless burglar alarm installations. Alarm systems have changed a lot over the past few years. Most noticeably that in some cases, it’s not even necessary to hire a professional alarm system installer anymore. With more manufacturers introducing compelling hub-based wireless alarm system installation alternatives, it’s even easier than ever to even do wireless burglar alarm installation yourself.

South Africa depends on monitoring companies.

Alarm monitoring is crucial for alarm system installations throughout most of South Africa. Most South African monitoring and response companies still utilise contact ID to interface with alarm systems. In other countries, monitoring alarm systems over the internet had already become the standard. In South Africa, this meant that alarm systems with contact ID connectivity were still dominating. Most of the new hub-based smart wireless alarm system offerings could not provide much more than an analogue connection to an armed response radio. This limited the information available for those monitoring to better direct resources during emergencies. This has presented as a significant obstacle which in turn has prevented a large-scale uptake of newer generation hub-based wireless security systems.

The introduction of Ajax Security for South Africa.

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Ajax Systems were introduced in South Africa in 2018 in partnership with some dedicated distributors. Their systems were set to take South African alarms online. Armed with an award-winning wireless security system, the team responsible for introducing Ajax embarked on a challenging endeavour to modernise South African alarm monitoring. This required monitoring companies to undergo training and software changes to facilitate the adoption of internet monitoring. The Ajax Systems team have been heavily invested in the onboarding of monitoring companies. Thanks to their efforts, there is finally a viable alternative for traditional alarm system installations in SA.

Your alarm system Ajax style.

Control your whole smart wireless security using the Ajax App. The system operation and configuration functions are made available in a well laid out manner. The Ajax hardware is housed in a discrete and aesthetically pleasing white or black hub. There are no bulky batteries or power supplies required. The Hub only needs power and internet to become accessible through the Ajax app. To add your first device, simply scan the unique QR code from within the Ajax app. Once added, you will have complete control of the device through the app. There is a vast range of configuration and personalisation options available on a per-device basis. If you’d like the Ajax security system to be monitored, simply select your preferred company from within the Ajax app and follow the prompts.

The Ajax App is available here: ( iOS, Android )

Why Ajax intruder detection?

  • Easily deploy small to moderate wireless Ajax intruder detection systems.
  • Physical devices are easily installed and require no wires.
  • Expand or alter your security system installation as your needs change.
  • Complete control using the user-friendly Ajax App.
  • Great reliability to date.

Ajax intruder detection system features:

  • Your Ajax system can also be used for smoke detection, CCTV, and basic home automation.
  • Detailed notifications delivered to monitoring companies through the internet.
  • SMS failover for notifications when the internet may not be available.
  • Dual-sim card functionality for redundant sim cards
  • Each device includes long-lasting lithium-ion batteries.

Ajax wireless security installations

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Paradigm Dynamix offers services for customers who require professional security system installations. Our team provide full support on Ajax Security Systems and Ajax is a potential solution when designing a security system for a home or business. The Paradigm Dynamix team have undergone advanced Ajax training to better provision wireless security systems with complex requirements.

Summary of Paradigm Dynamix Ajax services.

  • Ajax wireless alarm system installations Cape Town.
  • Ajax wireless alarm system installations Johannesburg.
  • Nationwide Ajax service level support.
  • Automation & third-party integration.

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