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A cost-effective Hikvision camera installation near me.

Hikvision have been instrumental in the development and growth of network surveillance installations throughout the world. Hikvision R&D play a key role in the advancement of audio, video, and image encoding technology. There are more than 26 000 Hikvision employees dedicated to research and development, constantly enhancing and updating all Hikvision products on offer.

When should I choose to do a Hikvision installation?

Due to the political climate, Hikvision has recently come under international attention. In 2019, Onvif suspended Hikvision and others, preventing new devices and firmware from being Onvif conformant. This had lead to many security companies and end-users questioning whether Hikvision is still a viable solution. Especially where third-party advanced video management systems are concerned.

That being said, Hikvision is starting to reappear at international trade shows and on government procurement databases. Possibly signalling that Hikvision is on course to becoming internationally accepted once more. Even considering the above, there is no question that Hikvision (One of the largest security camera manufacturers or earth) presents the most cost-effective means of doing a surveillance system installation.

For smaller to medium installations that plan on using an end-to-end solution, Hikvision remains a compelling candidate. Especially considering the quality offered at the price-point. Although only for Hikvision equipment, HikCentral Professional offers a cost-effective means of implementing large scale distributed integrated security systems.

Hik-Connect and Google Play

Hik-Connect is an Android surveillance camera app that made it easy to remotely monitor CCTV installations. In 2020, Hik-Connect was removed from Google Play. To date, the Android surveillance camera app is still not available from within the Play Store. Installing the Hik-Connect app can only be done directly through the Hikvision website. Requiring users to allow third-party app installations on their devices and bypassing important Google security settings.

EZVIZ is a Hikvision sister company that offers wireless security camera solutions. EZVIZ also offer an Android surveillance camera app that is compatible with Hik-Connect devices. Downloading the EZVIZ app will allow you to continue using your Hikvision surveillance system installation securely. Configuring EZVIZ is easy and only requires registering an account and reassigning your device ownership.

EZVIZ can be download here: Android , iOS

Hikvision product offering

Hikvision have expanded their product to encompass much more than just surveillance. Below some examples of Hikvision solutions that can all be integrated with HikCentral professional.

  • Network Cameras (IP Cameras): High-quality network surveillance equipment with smart features and advanced analytics.
  • Turbo HD Cameras (Analog Cameras): Hikvision continually enhance their analogue CCTV offering and Turbo HD is almost on par with IP in terms of picture quality.
  • Thermal Cameras: Cost-effective thermal cameras that offer built-in deep-learning analytics as standard.
  • Access Control: Cost-effective biometric fingerprint and facial recognition solutions.
  • Video Intercoms: Scalable network video intercom systems for small residential or large building installations.
  • Intrusion detection: Wireless alarm systems that can be connected to cameras for visual intruder verification.

Paradigm Dynamix offers professional Hikvision surveillance installation services.

For advice on your next surveillance system installation, contact Paradigm Dynamix. Our highly team have in excess of 15 years of experience with cctv installations and will help plan a secure and cost-effective Hikvision solution for your application.