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Nemtek Electric Fencing Installation Notes

Nemtek Energizer and Electric Fence Installation Notes:

  • Keep the electric fence HT (High Voltage) wires separate from the keypad, gate, siren, strobe and mains wiring.
  • Do not try and modify the energizer. Any unauthorized modifications will null and void the warranty and possibly render the unit illegal.
  • If the remote On/Off facility is used, the wire between the remote switch and the energizer can be up to a 100m in length. The switch contact must be closed for the fence to be energized. For security reasons it is better to use an intelligent FOB on the keypad bus.
  • A remote receiver can obtain 12VDC from the keypad bus. Current consumption must not exceed 0.1 Amps. This is not sufficient to supply power for an armed response transmitter.
  • The siren and strobe light together must not draw more than 1.75Amps.
  • To connect a radio alarm transmitter or alarm panel to the energizer, use an isolation relay between the strobe light output and the panel. Never use the energizer battery to power a radio alarm transmitter or alarm panel.
  • The wire between the magnetic gate switch and the energizer can be up to a 100m in length, but must not run in parallel with the fence wires. The gate switch must be open circuit if the gate is open.
  • The remote keypad cable must not exceed a 100m in total length. Avoid running this cable in parallel with any fence (high voltage) wires.
  • You can connect a total of two keypads to one energizer. Each must have a unique address setting.
  • Use HT (high voltage) wire between the fence and energizer, including the earth wire. Never run these wires in the same conduit or through the same hole as the low voltage wiring.
  • Always use ferrules or line clamps to connect two high voltage wires together. Avoid using dissimilar materials for connections like copper on steel. The fence must be earthed properly with three earth electrodes (1.2m apart) between the energizer and fence.
  • The distance between the fence earth electrode and any other earth systems shall be not less than 2m for a security fence installation. (Typically a suburban property installation) , and 10m for an agricultural fence installation. (Typically a rural property installation.)
  • When replacing the front of the energizer, hook the top in first while holding it an angle and then push it closed at the bottom. Fasten the lid down with the two cap screws.
  • Do not use the energizer with non-rechargeable batteries.
  • The energizer contains a sealed lead-acid battery that will vent to the atmosphere under certain conditions. For this reason it is imperative that the energizer be installed in a well ventilated area.
  • Refer to the applicable laws concerning the installation of electric fences in your area.